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4 Ways to Improve the Appearance of Your School's Parking Lot

Your school's parking lot is one of the first things parents, students, and guests notice when they pull up to your school. Your parking lot helps set the tone for your school, which is why you want it to make a good impression on visitors.
A parking lot full of cracks and potholes, with poorly defined lines, and no landscaping reflects poorly on your school. Make your school look as great on the outside as it is on the inside with crack repair and patchwork, asphalt sealcoating, line striping, and new landscaping.
1. Crack Repair & Patchwork
Cracks in your parking lot are a problem, and not just because they look bad. When your pavement starts to crack, it creates an opening that allows water to get in between and under your pavement. When the water freezes, it can cause further damage to your parking lot.
As soon as you see cracks start to develop in your parking lot, you need to hire a paving contractor to come out for crack repair and patchwork. They will use cold asphalt to fill in all the cracks in your parking lot.
Small cracks over time can lead to alligator cracks. Alligator cracks are jagged cracks that branch off of one another. When alligator cracks start to form in your parking lot, water from straight cracks has gotten under the subgrade layer of your parking lot and caused irreversible damage.
Once alligator cracks start to appear in your school's parking lot, a crack repair service will not work, you will need to replace the asphalt in your parking lot instead.
2. Sealcoating
Sealcoating is a great way to maintain your school's parking lot. A protective liquid layer is applied to your parking lot. This process is typically done every one to two years, and can greatly extend the life of your parking lot.
Sealcoating fills in small cracks in your concrete, preventing water from getting under the parking lot. Sealcoating also helps protect asphalt from damage due to water, oils, and ultraviolet rays.
Additionally, sealcoating gives your parking lot the appearance of a newly paved parking lot, keeping your parking lot looking brand new.
3. Line Striping
When someone tries to park in a parking lot, they should be able to easily see where to park. Having clearly defined parking lines is another simple way to improve the appearance of your parking lot.
Line striping is the formal process of having a paving contractor come out and repair the lines in your parking lot. Line striping needs to be done every few years or after you have your parking lot seal coated. 
4. Landscaping
Finally, the last way you can make your school's parking lot look more professional is with landscaping. Landscaping around a school parking lot can provide color and life. Adding landscaping to your school's parking lot can also help tie in soccer fields and the other landscaping around your school.
If you have islands in your parking lot, those are a great place to add landscaping. Shade trees, ground cover plants, or flowers are great landscaping choices for islands in the middle of your parking lot.
If you have space around the outer edge of your parking lot, you can get a little more creative with your landscaping. For example, you can plant flowering bushes in addition to trees and ground covering plants around the edge of your parking lot.
If your school's parking lot looks worn out and drab, then give us a call at Bay Area Contracting Inc. We can come out, evaluate the state of your parking lot, and come up with a plan to improve its appearance.