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Maintain Your Pavement And Asphalt At The Beginning Of The New Year

 Pavement And Asphalt

The beginning of the year is the best time to maintain, update, and replace your pavement and asphalt. Whether you manage commercial spaces or own an industrial property, pavement and asphalt maintenance is an important component to safety and appearance. 

Maintaining Your Pavement and Asphalt
Regular maintenance is the best way to avoid a costly replacement of your pavement and your asphalt. Over time, both pavement and asphalt will break down. By engaging in incremental repairs, you can avoid having to do more serious, expensive ones. 
Both pavement and asphalt tend to expand and contract as the weather gets hotter and cooler. Seasonal changes can be the most volatile on these materials, and there's very little that can be done to avoid the small cracks, chips, and holes that will appear throughout the year. Instead, proactive maintenance has to be used to resolve these problems as they emerge.
The beginning of the year is an excellent time to maintain pavement and asphalt for a few reasons:
  • It's usually fairly slow. The beginning of the year, just after the harshness of winter, is generally slow for many businesses. Peak months tend to occur either during the summer or during the winter holidays, throughout a variety of industries.
  • Much of the damage has just emerged. Following a cold winter, a lot of visible damage will have occurred that now needs to be addressed before the area becomes highly trafficked once again.
  • It can establish a schedule. Though the beginning of the year is certainly an ideal time to start maintenance, what's most important is that it be done at the same time every year - this ensures that maintenance checks will not be missed.
Of course, there are also many issues that can arise that aren't seasonal; one notable one is damage by trees. But most of this damage is going to occur over the course of a year, rather than very rapidly, which is what makes regular maintenance important.
Repairing Your Pavement and Asphalt
There are many ways that pavement and asphalt can be repaired, all of which will prevent further damage and make the area safer. Remember: damaged pavement isn't just going to lead to costly repairs, it can also be a safety hazard on your property.
  • Sealing cracks. Cracks can be sealed with a special, rubberized material that will warp with the asphalt or pavement. By ensuring that this material is flexible, it's possible to avoid further damage later on.
  • Bonding. If asphalt needs to be resurfaced, it can be done through the process of bonding. Bonding lays down a layer of adhesive material and then new asphalt, creating a brand new undamaged surface.
  • Seal coating. Seal coating can be done annually to create a protective seal over asphalt that has not yet been damaged. This protective coating will reduce the chances of damage in the coming year.
  • Milling. Milling can be done if there are areas of damaged pavement or asphalt that need to be removed entirely and replaced. The damaged area is cut out and then filling material is placed in.
These are only a few ways that asphalt and pavement can be repaired or replaced, depending on the amount of damage that has to be replaced. 
Ultimately, what's most important is that regular maintenance be completed on all exterior surfaces for a commercial or industrial lot. But the new year can bring with it some excellent opportunities, both in terms of establishing a maintenance schedule and completing work when traffic is slow. 
For more information about asphalt and pavement maintenance and repair, contact the experts at Bay Area Contracting Inc.