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Protect Your Business's Earnings With Prompt Parking Lot Maintenance

Asphalt parking

Parking lot maintenance should never be an afterthought - it's an essential investment in your business. Preventive maintenance to your asphalt parking lot isn't just your duty as a responsible business owner, but this step is also a valuable tool that can help your business expand and grow.

Asphalt maintenance can put more money into your business's bank account in a variety of different ways. Learn how your commitment to maintenance can set you up for greater success.  

First Impressions Are Everything

When it comes to the business-customer relationship, success is one part keeping current customers happy and one part attracting new customers. Without this balance, achieving new heights of success would be an uphill challenge. Word of mouth, excellent marketing, and an in-demand product or service all help you move toward this goal.

An attractive appearance is of equal importance. More than 90% of customers look at the external appearance of a business when deciding where to spend their money. Alligator cracks, rutting, and potholes make a parking lot appear worn and unkempt and ultimately casts an unattractive look on the entire exterior of the business.

The majority of customers will look at this appearance and take their business elsewhere. Each potential customer that leaves based on a poor appearance represents a loss of revenue in both the short and long term. Your commitment to regular maintenance keeps the outside of your business attractive.

Most Problems Are Progressive

Maintenance costs are part of the territory when it comes to being a business owner, but these costs can quickly get out of hand if you aren't acting responsibly. Take a small crack in the asphalt, for instance. In the early stages, it's relatively easy to seal and repair a crack.

However, as time goes on and the crack remains unrepaired, moisture can start to seep in through the opening. Moisture will settle into the surface layers of the asphalt and eventually activate a deterioration process that slowly destroys the asphalt. In this scenario, a small problem spirals into a more significant problem that is more time consuming and costly to repair.

Any time you are forced to cover the cost of a substantial repair due to your neglect, you're taking money away from your company that could be used to purchase more materials, start a marketing campaign, perform renovations, or for some other business need.

Preventative and prompt maintenance keep you on track to financial success and keep your repair costs manageable.

Customer Safety Is Your Responsibility

An asphalt parking lot in poor condition isn't just an eyesore but is also a serious safety hazard. Business owners who do not make a commitment to maintenance are putting the safety of their customers in jeopardy and unnecessarily exposing themselves to a potential lawsuit.

If a customer walking to their car trips over a pothole and tears a ligament, they could legally sue your business for any medical treatment costs, missed time from work, pain and suffering, and any other incurred losses. A lawsuit is detrimental in terms of financial losses, but it also negatively impacts your company's reputation, which is beyond valuable.

A customer who sustains damage to their property, such as a car, due to poor parking lot upkeep can also come after your company for payment for their losses.  

To set your business up for success, aim to have the condition of your parking lot assessed at least once every two years, and have any areas of damage repaired right away.

When you keep parking lot maintenance a top priority, you put your business on the path to success. Contact Bay Area Contracting Inc. to meet all your asphalt needs.‚Äč