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Things You Can Do to Make Your Parking Lot Safer

Empty Outdoor Parking Lot
Your business's parking lot should be a place of safety and convenience, and you can do your part to keep it that way. These tips can help you make your parking lot safe for your customers, guests, clients, and staff. 

Keep Parking Stripes Visible

Parking lot stripes establish boundaries. Your business's parking lot stripes establish expectations, show loading and unloading zones, delineate walkways, designate parking spaces and more. Parking stripes establish order and help ensure that your customers know where to go, where to drive and which areas to avoid. 
Parking stripes can fade over time. Even the best quality striping paint will eventually become difficult to see. Keeping your parking stripes clear can help prevent confusion in your parking lot. Follow these tips to prevent the stripes from fading:
  • Work with a reputable parking lot paving company to stripe your pavement. 
  • Follow all instructions after the striping is complete to ensure that the striping paint dries properly.
  • Wash down your parking lot periodically to prevent oil stains from covering the lines.
  • Maintain sufficient lighting in the parking lot after sundown.  
You should also re-stripe every two or three years to ensure that the stripes are clearly visible to everyone. Your pavement contractor can tell you how often you should restripe, so you can budget for restriping and get it done early in the season. 

Designate Pedestrian Walkways

Pedestrian walkways are useful because they keep pedestrians corralled in specific areas of the parking lot. Drivers who see pedestrian walkways know that they must stay out of those areas when possible and must drive very carefully when crossing over a walkway. In addition, pedestrian walkways prevent pedestrians from walking in the way of cars and slowing the flow of traffic. 
The more obvious a pedestrian walkway is, the more effective it will be. While some pedestrian walkways are designated with simple stripes, a more effective method is to make the walkway separate from the asphalt driving area.
For example, a pedestrian walkway that is made of concrete to look like a sidewalk is a very clear pedestrian space. People on foot will naturally gravitate toward these walkways, while drivers will instinctively become more cautious when driving near them.  

Control Traffic Flow

Use directional arrows to show drivers and pedestrians the proper flow of traffic. This helps ensure that pedestrians know which direction to look when they're trying to stay out of the way of cars. You can control traffic flow by angling parking spaces and by painting arrows on the ground to show which direction cars can drive. 

Maintain the Grounds

Poor maintenance can create hazardous conditions for drivers and pedestrians. Potholes, cracks, and poor lighting can all lead to auto accidents as well as slips and falls. Work with a pavement contractor to maintain your parking lot and keep cracks and potholes under control. Work with your maintenance staff to prevent problems like weeds and pebbles from getting in the way of pedestrians. 

Control Speed

Speeding cars can be a serious danger for pedestrians. There are many different ways that you can control driving speed in your parking lot. 
  • Install speed bumps in pedestrian-heavy places.
  • Post a speed limit at entrances. 
  • Install designated stop signs at crossings.
If speeding is a common problem in your parking lot, work with local law enforcement to control this problem and protect drivers and pedestrians in your parking lot. 

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